About Giclee Prints

Giclee is a French term (pronounced zhee-klay), which refers to fine art prints produced from digital images. Giclee prints differ from ordinary inkjet prints in important ways:

  • They are produced using archival pigment based inks, which will last up to 200 years with minimal fading if not continually exposed to direct sunlight.

  • They are produced on printers that have eight or more colors, making it possible to print difficult colors like orange and green.

  • Giclee prints are printed on high quality archival paper or museum quality canvas.

About Limited Edition Prints

For limited edition prints, the number of prints produced of each image will be limited to the stated edition size. Once that limit has been reached, no more copies of the image will be printed. Prints are signed, dated, and numbered. Each Limited Edition print also comes with a a signed and dated document of authenticity.