Custom Orders

Ordering Custom Portraits:

Portraits really are the perfect gift or keepsake! It captures a special person, pet, or moment in time forever. I have a painterly style, my portraits will never look like photos, but then that is what photos are for!! My favorite medium is watercolor, for its luminosity and expressionism. Watercolor is known as a difficult medium, as one must learn to let the paint do what it wants to some extent, but I love the exciting things that can happen almost outside of your control! I enjoy trying to capture the subjects personality, and focus a lot on the eyes, which I feel is the key to a portrait.

The process:

  1. First, contact me to discuss your desired size and subject matter.

  2. Then, email me photo(s) to work from, as clear and expressive as possible.

  3. Once the portrait is complete I will send a photo for you to approve.

  4. Upon approval, you pay the portrait price and shipping.

  5. Once payment is received, I ship your new work of art!

  6. Please allow 3-5 weeks for completion.

Ordering Name Paintings:

These unique watercolors last for generations, and can be treasured long past the time your child outgrows the nursery!  I LOVE doing these! No two are alike, as I spend time designing each letter style, choosing a fun color palette and deciding which animals fit each letter. Letters are 3.5" x 4.5". The final piece is matted and shows a border of white paper around the letters. I show you a final image for approval before shipping to guarantee 100% satisfaction! Price is $15 a letter.

Possible themes:
A is for...(matching animal to letter)
Zoo theme
Match to bedding...
Magical creatures - dragons, unicorns, fairies

The process:

  1. First, purchase a name painting with the appropriate number of letters in the store

  2. Then contact me to with your desired name, theme and colors.

  3. Once the name painting is complete I will send a photo for you to approve.

  4. Upon approval, I ship your new work of art!

  5. Please allow 2- 4 weeks for completion.